Anping Enzar Metal – Welded Wire Mesh and Expanded Metal

Our company:
For 30 years, Anping Enzar Metal Products Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacture wire mesh panel products, which brings about rich experience in wire mesh panel manufacture. Enzar, as a professional manufacturer, will provide high quality products suitable for your requirements with reasonable discount. If you are distributor, importer, contractor or downstream user, Enzar will be your best partner.

Our expertise team:
All of our staff are doing hard work to meet the diverse fencing requirements from our clients and to build the reputation for considerable service at reasonable prices. Some clients may bother with some trivial details during the process of use. A one-stop supplier—Enzar—solves all your trouble matters with our expertise team strength and rich experience.

Our products:
Our main products include expanded metal and welded wire panel, accessories available. From decorative and medium secure fence to intimidating and highly secure fence, Enzar fence protects you from intruders. Bespoke products and service are right here.

Three categories of fence
Palisade fence panels overlapped, several pales, paladin fence with V beams.

Residential used fence

Paladin fence and palisade fence have a totally different structure. Nevertheless they are both applied for residential places for its attractive appearance. Paladin fence features different spacing between horizontal wires and normally with "V" beams. Paladin fence of our company is most popular among European countries. Palisade fence with pales and rails is both intimating and pleasing, popular in UK.

Part of 358 fence and its production process, expanded metal fence and its part section.

Industrial used fence

358 fence and expanded metal made fence are suitable for highly security needed places, like industry with valuable equipment. 358 fences protect you with extremely narrow opening holes which finger and simple cutter couldn't penetrate. Expanded metal made fencing panel is, technically speaking, a panel being slit and stretched. For its integrated character, expanded metal fence is extremely difficult to destroy.

Two detailed picture of double wire fence and 3D fence panels.

Commercial used fence

Double wire fence and 3D security wire fence are both welded wire mesh panels. Their safety protection ability and pleased shape appearance made them a perfect choice for commercial sites. Double wire fence means two horizontal wire. 3D security wire fence features protruding "v" beams at a vertical distance.

Three reasons of choosing our products:

Four machines used to produce and examine wire mesh panel.
Automatic production equipment
Precise, productive and cost-saving, creates a win-win effect.
A electronic ruler is examining the wire mesh panel diameter.
Guaranteed quality
All our products are totally complied with ASTM standards.
Wire mesh panel in rolls and pallet.
Full ranges of products: various product categories and fencing specification.

We can design and offer the reasonable solution based on your budget and requirements. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Welded Double Wire Fence

Double wire fence made from double horizontal wire and single vertical wire, normally 8 gauge horizontal wire, 6 gauge vertical wire.

Expanded Metal

The manufacture process of expanded metal: the plate be cut or slit then stretched into numbers of regular opening diamonds.

Welded Animal Pen and Cage

Animal enclosure is used to provide animal a high secure protection, while at the same time a place for animal to run, play and rest, for both indoors and outdoors.

Expanded Metal Walkway Grating

Standard expanded metal walkway grating usually used as platform and stair treads for its anti-slip effect and heavy bearing ability.


Case Study


Just the fence to prevent my neighbor's large dog

Exactly what I need to prevent my neighbor's large and heavy dog from entering my lawn. The most important thing is that their custom service staff help me choosing a color for my fence from what they called RAL. Now it is not only practical but also an ornaments.


Timothy Carter

North Carolina

Substitute my pre-existing fence panel hit by car

I need this fence to substitute a panel of my existed fence for hitting by my car, a totally accident when I came in. This fence is sturdy. And the color perfectly matches with my pre-existing fence. Just as the manager promised ,they deliver my panel on the next day after my order.


William Miller