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List of Welded Wire Fence

Galvanized double wire fence doubled horizontal wires at a distance.
Welded Double Wire Fence
Double wire fence made from double horizontal wire and single vertical wire, normally 8 gauge horizontal wire, 6 gauge vertical wire.
A red bolt cutter nips chain link fence, but cannot even stretch into small holes of 358 fence.
358 Anti Climb Fence
358 anti climb fence for high security needed sites like prison, industry, welded with 8 gauge wires to be 3 × 0.5 inches fine anti -cut mesh openings.
Green PVC coated 3D fence panels are installed in red and yellow peach posts.
3D Security Welded Wire Fencing
3D welded wire fencing system features attractive appearance – V formed beams, which helps to relieve stress and be more solid on the other hand.
Two green PVC coated paladin fence panels with V beams are jointed together in a post, with rain water on surface.
Paladin Fencing
Paladin fencing features unequal distance of vertical wires in a regular pattern and mostly combined with V beams of 3D fence. Aesthetically pleasing and secure.
9 W-section with triple point head pales combine with 2 posts and 2 rails and form a green PVC coated palisade fencing panel.
Palisade Fencing
Palisade fence consists of separate pales, rails and posts. "D" shaped pales are used for medium security, "W" shaped pales for high security requirements.
Woven crimped wire cloth infill panels with square holes are installed on fences of walkways indoors.
Wire Cloth Infill Panel
Wire cloth infill panel with protection, decoration, partition function for fencing and stair railing in architectural accents, exhibition centers, airplane hangers.