Palisade Fencing – W and D Section Types Pales

Palisade fencing is a most popular choice for higher security needed sites and vandal resistant premises throughout UK. It consists of pales, rails, posts and necessary fittings to form a palisade fencing. On accounts of its sharp prongs, narrow pale spacing, intruders and trespassers are normally considered impossibly to climb, straddle or grab, no mention of crossing the security fencing. Furthermore, the forbidding appearance also threatens the intruders and trespassers to guarantee your safety. Its separate pales made it could be installed in uneven terrains.

Two types of pales are offered. "W" shaped pales and "D" shaped pales section. "D" shaped pales are more used for low and medium security and decorative fencing, "W" shaped pales for high security requirements. If security requirement is more important, w-section pale with triple point head is strongly recommended.

9 W-section with triple point head pales combine with 2 posts and 2 rails and form a green PVC coated palisade fencing panel.

PF-01: Palisade fence consists of posts and rails.

Pales include two different section shapes: D and W section. And there are 6 different head types.

PF-02: For different decorative and secure requirements, various section shapes and head shapes are provided.


  • Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel, hot rolled or cold rolled steel.
  • Head types: Round and top notch, round only, square (plain), single pointed, triple pointed and splayed, triple pointed , splayed and returned.
  • "W" shaped pales thickness (mm): 2 (General purpose), 2.5 (Security purpose), 3 (Special purpose).
  • "D" shaped pales thickness (mm): 3 (General purpose), 3.5 (Security purpose), 4 (Special).
  • Height of palisade fence (m): 1.2, 2.0, 2.1 / 2.4, 2.75 (recommend) / 3.6.
  • Width of palisade fence panel: 1.8–2.35 m.
  • Surface Treatment: galvanized or galvanized and powder coated.
  • Accessories: posts, rails, bolts, fish plate, post clamp, bolts, nuts, rivets, washer.


  • Palisade rail angle steel length and width range: 40–65 mm.
  • Rail thickness: 2.75 mm.
  • Rail number (pcs): 2 or 3 according to fence height.
  • Palisade post section (mm):
    • (IPE post)100 × 55, 102 × 44.
    • (RSJ post)102 × 44 (for fences below 2.7 m), 127 ×76 (for fences above 2.7 m).
  • Palisade fish plates: 2 pcs.
  • Palisade fish plates thickness: 6 mm to 8 mm or as your requested.
  • Slots: suitable for M8 or M12.


  • Anti-climb: without feet-holds and with sharp heads, the fence made itself impossible to climb.
  • Versatility: The spacing could be adjusted to satisfy your various demands, separate pales made it possible for uneven terrains.
  • Rigidity structure: The large and heavy pales are more rigid.
  • Smooth surface: Power coated surface made the fence more delightful and attractive.
  • Forbidding appearance: The sharp heads alert passerby deter the entrance of intruders.
  • Simple to installation, ideal for secondary operations: The pales are bolted together, which made it easy to install and could be taken into parts for secondary use.
  • Durable: The panel sheet is galvanized uniformly and PVC coated, which ensures a long service life.


Palisade fencing could be used in school, lawn, garden road, residential sites, commercial places, industrial units, agriculture, city government, transports, retail sites, utilities, airports.

Green palisade fence is installed on the outside of houses and weeds, with pales being W-section and triple point head.

PF-03: Green palisade fence here is suitable with the residential and recreational areas.


  • Posts must be buried into earth, 0.5 m minimum to 1.2 m maximum.
  • On the top of the fence, razor wire and barbed wire could be fitted for higher security demands.


  • Steel palisade fencing can be sold in loose form or complete panels in the length of 2.75m.
  • Palisade swing (single leaf and double leaves) and sliding gates are available, too.

Palisade fence packaging: Packed by separate pales or panels.

This picture illustrates the separate pales being wrapped by plastic film.

PF-04: Packed in pales for transportation convenience.

This picture illustrates the whole palisade fence panels being wrapped by plastic film.

PF-05: Packed in panels for installation convenience.